Shopping for a living

This morning I was on my way to a networking event, dressed in heals and professional attire of course!

While talking and laughing about the adventures of owning a home staging business, I commented “and I get to go shopping for a living!”

Now before anyone takes that seriously, know that it is currently 10:12pm and I am sitting for the first time in several hours! Can you guess what I was doing? Shopping!

I love to shop, don’t get me wrong.. but note that this morning I put on heels (oops!) went to 6 different stores, loaded up my car and unloaded.. twice. Sometimes even the most thorough planning, doesn’t turn out exactly how you want.. especially when there is a nice lady in training at one of the stores, having to deal with me buying to much stuff (admittedly)… and myself trying to keep my patience and composure (a job in itself on long days)

Which leads me to my pro tip of the day: Do yourself a favor, keep a pair of runners in the car at all times!

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